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You’ve purchased a rifle and equipment, gone to the range a few times and want to try an ARC match … Now what? You may have additional questions prior to getting started. Below, the answers to some of the more common questions we receive will help set you on the right path!

Participant FAQ

What experience do I need?

ARC is designed for shooters of many skill levels. You should be very familiar with firearms safety rules and the loading and unloading processes and have a basic understanding of how to zero your AR.

What equipment do I need?

Shooters will need the following to attend and compete in ARC events:

  • A safe and serviceable semi-automatic, detachable magazine rifle (does NOT have to be an AR!) with a minimum 10 round magazine capacity and one sighting system at minimum, no calibers over 7.62mm/.308. More specifics will be available in the rulebook.
  • At least three serviceable magazines (more suggested)
  • Safe and serviceable ammunition outlined by individual match programs
  • Eye and ear protection. Wraparound ballistic eye protection and electronic hearing protection is highly advised
  • A durable chamber flag
  • At least one serviceable kydex or nylon magazine pouch worn on the body to conduct reloads
  • A one-to-two point convertible or pure two point sling attached to the rifle
  • Appropriate closed-toed footwear and clothing for all-season outdoor use
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Support tools, spare magazines, weapon lubricant, etc., is all highly advised
  • Tasty treats to keep you going through a match

Can I use a fully automatic rifle, binary trigger, short barreled rifle, AR pistol, or suppressor?

You can use all of the aforementioned items. During the match, no shooter will be permitted to fire in automatic or binary modes. Only aimed, semi-automatic fire is used for ARC matches. AR pistols are absolutely welcomed and allowed but must be used with a pistol brace. Suppressors are more than welcome if you wish to use one; they make matches far more pleasant for the competitors and staff.

Can I use a bipod?

Bipods are permitted for use. If bipods are used on any stage, they must remain on the rifle for the entirety of the event, must always start a stage folded, and may at times not be allowed for use on specific stages.

Is there a fee to participate?

Event hosts may charge a fee for participation. Please contact the host club/range for details.

What is on the horizon or in development for ARC?

As L1 and L2 matches evolve, we will be building the classifications and awards for ARC. Also, as per shooter demand, we are strongly considering L3 matches involving limited pistol and very challenging precision rifle shots. Also being considered is a Classic/Retro match, particularly for those wanting to run M1 Garands, M14s, FN-FALs, or other firearms made before 1965

Host FAQ

What do I need to do to run a match at my range?

ARC is adaptable to most any type of range. Once you have decided of which level of match you’re going to run (L1 or L2), a basic match program must be submitted with the online tournament application. Target stands, wood stakes, repair pasties (brown, black, white), and other range support items will be needed.

How do I sanction my match with the NRA?

The online sanctioning application is located here. Once completed, your match will be listed on the AR Challenge homepage and on the Shooting Sports USA current events listing.

What do I do with the match scores?

Throughout 2019, the NRA will compile data to establish the score ranges for the future classifications of Qualified, Journeyman, and Master.

Match directors should scan and email a copy of their scores to [email protected] with a subject line indicating which ARC match was fired, the location, and the date.

What targets do I need?

ARC is now using targets common to most ranges and existing disciplines. For L1 matches, you need NRA B8 and B8C (B8 repair centers) paper targets, IPSC/USPSA silhouette cardboard, and a 12-inch circular or head shaped/sized piece of rifle-rated steel. L2 matches will require IPSC/USPSA cardboard and various steel targets with guidance set forth in the ARC rulebook.

Where can I purchase targets?

The B8 and B8C targets can be purchased from National Target.

IPSC/USPSA (metric) targets can be purchased from MGM Targets or Law Enforcement Targets.

VTAC paper or cardboard targets, used at Match Director discretion, can be purchased at Action Target. Steel can be made or purchased at Defense Targets.

Do you have any stage designs that I can use for L2 Matches?

Five L2 match designs are now available in the draft 2019 ARC Guidebook.

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For more information on ARC or other competitive shooting events, call (703) 267-1450 or email [email protected].

America's Rifle Challenge

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge (ARC) is a training program designed to offer AR owners of all skill levels the opportunity to learn, or further develop, their skills.