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You’ve purchased your rifle and have taken it to the range a few times, but now you’re ready to take it to the next level. 

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge presented by Daniel Defense® offers that next level experience. This program is designed to teach shooters, new and experienced, skills such as shooting from different positions, at varying distances, from behind barricades, using your non-dominant hand and how to efficiently change your magazine. Whether you're interested in perfecting your skills through training or testing your skills through competition, there's an AR Challenge for you.


Participant FAQ

What experience do I need?

The AR Challenge is designed for shooters of all skill levels.

No experience is required for training events. If you're interested in competition, there is a match for every level of competitor, whether a professional or a recreational weekend shooter. Groups will shoot from yard lines and change positions in the Basic Match, while squads will rotate through stages and fire while on the move in the Advanced Match.

What equipment do I need?

Fro training events, you will need to bring your own rifle, ammunition, at least two (2) magazines and eye/ear protection.

For matches, you will need a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine, which can be in any of three divisions: Iron Sights, Optics Limited, and Optics Open. Extra magazines, magazine carrier, and sling are also necessary. The number of rounds of ammunition depends on the match program. Refer to the club’s web site at match registration for the ammo count.

What type of clothing should I wear?

It is important to dress comfortably. Long pants, close-toed shoes and no loose clothing is suggested.

Can I use a fully automatic rifle?

No shooter will be permitted to fire in automatic mode or use any device that would assist in the pulling of a trigger.

Can I use a National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) Registered Firearm?

Yes, NFA firearms such as short-barreled rifles and suppressors are permitted as long as they comply with local, state and federal guidelines.

Can I use a sling?

For training events, shooters may use a sling that is affixed to the rifle with a secure attachment device or woven through a portion of the stock designed for that purpose. Any sling used must allow the shooter to keep the rifle pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Slings are necessary for matches.

Can I use any barrel support?

Yes, bipods and monopods are permitted as long as they are properly functioning.

Can I use knee and elbow pads?

Yes, shooters are encouraged to use knee and elbow pads to add comfort to the shooter for different positions and range conditions.

Can I use my rifle if it has a scope or open optics?

Yes, the purpose of this program is to teach you how to maximize and proficiently utilize your equipment

Is there a fee to participate?

Event hosts may charge a fee for participation, please contact the host club/range for details.

What if my local club or range does not offer an AR Challenge event?

Reach out to your local club or range and request they host an AR Challenge event. Details and information for hosting an AR Challenge can be found here. If your range has any questions, have them contact us at or call (703) 267-1500; option 5.

Host FAQ

What do I need to do to run a match at my range?

This program can be adapted to almost any type of range. Once you have decided on which level of match you’re going to run (Basic or Advanced), a match program must be submitted with the online application. To view a sample match program, click here.

How do I sanction my match with the NRA?

The online sanctioning application is located here. Once completed, your match will be listed on the AR Challenge homepage and on the Shooting Sports USA current events listing.

Do you have any stage designs that I can use for an Advanced match?

The AR Challenge webpage will soon have sample layouts to assist match directors with stage design.

What do I do with the match scores?

During 2016, the NRA is compiling scores to establish a classification system. Scores can be submitted to NRA from Practiscore or in an Excel spreadsheet via e-mail to

Where can I purchase targets?

The AR-1 and AR-2 targets can be purchased through National Target.

3GN targets can be purchased through MGM Targets, Law Enforcement Targets and Birchwood Casey.

Want To Know More

For more information on Training events call (703) 267-1500 option 5 or email

For more information on Matches call (703) 267-1487 or email

America's Rifle Challenge

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge presented by Daniel Defense® (ARC) is a training program designed to offer AR owners of all skill levels the opportunity to learn, or further develop, their skills.