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It’s time to eliminate the misconception that AR stands for assault rifle, and tell the world what AR really stands for: America’s Rifle.

The AR family of rifles and pistols continues to rise in popularity with millions of gun owners. The AR in all variations is in extremely common use, with shooters employing them for both recreational and defensive purposes. It truly has become an excellent manifestation of the Second Amendment. Recognizing this, the NRA has developed America’s Rifle Challenge (ARC), a venue for shooters to test and grow their shooting skill in the proving ground of competition.

As the largest firearms training and education organization in the world, we aim to expand this program so the many rifle owners across the United States of America may unite in the common goal of using and mastering the AR.

ARC is both for those looking to learn measured shooting standards and knowledge for the first time, and for those seeking to push their performance to the limits.

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1 out of 4

The popularity of the AR platform has skyrocketed, with one out of every four rifles made in the U.S. being an AR pattern rifle or pistol

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Many Uses

Because of their versatility, ARs have become the firearm of choice in common use for hunters, competitive shooters and defensive shooters alike

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Over 13.2 Million

The rifle platform in general is extremely popular with over 13.2 million U.S. target shooters practicing with rifles

Types of Events

Intended for AR owners new to competitive shooting. Comprises of standardized skills test that tests shooters accuracy, speed, and mechanics. L1 matches are conducted from 100 yards and inward, with a balance of both time and accuracy being measured in every event. There are currently five total stages of fire in this match, with more in development.

Intended for more experienced competitive shooters. L2 matches test the full range of shooting skills and tasks in a dynamic, faster-paced format shot in both shooting bays and across natural terrain. L2 matches are conducted from 500 yards inward. The match stages are created by match sites in a decentralized manner using guidance provided from the rulebook.

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For more information on ARC or other competitive shooting events, call (703) 267-1450 or email [email protected].

America's Rifle Challenge

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge (ARC) is a training program designed to offer AR owners of all skill levels the opportunity to learn, or further develop, their skills.