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It’s time to eliminate the misconception that AR stands for assault rifle, and tell the world what AR really stands for: America’s Rifle.

The popularity of ARs over the past few years continues to rise. Millions of gun owners have purchased ARs for recreational shooting as well as for home defense. To help owners sharpen their skills on this platform, the NRA has developed a unique training and competition event designed to go beyond typical target practice.

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge lets owners of America’s most popular new rifle platform develop and showcase their AR skills. As the world leaders in firearms training, we understand the importance of continually improving your skills and perfecting your shot. The AR Challenge offers opportunities to learn new, or further develop, your skills and even test them out in competition.

The AR Challenge is for AR owners of all skill levels … so take yourself to the next level, take the AR Challenge.

1 out of 4

The current popularity of AR's is skyrocketing with one out of every four rifles made in the U.S being an AR

Many Uses

Because of their versatility, AR's are growing in popularity as the firearm of choice for many hunters, target shooters and home defenders

Over 13.2 Million

The rifle platform in general is extremely popular with over 13.2 million U.S. target shooters practicing with rifles

Types of Events

Learn modern defensive shooting skills on the AR platform. Attendees will experience shooting in multiple firing positions including from behind barricades at varying distances.

Intended for AR owners who are not experienced in action rifle competitions. Shooters will use basic defensive positions at a slow pace to test technique and accuracy.

Intended for experienced competitive shooters. Competitors will be required to change firing positions, move through multiple firing points and reload against the clock.

Want To Know More

For more information on Training events call (703) 267-1500 option 5 or email

For more information on Matches call (703) 267-1487 or email

America's Rifle Challenge

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge (ARC) is a training program designed to offer AR owners of all skill levels the opportunity to learn, or further develop, their skills.